Yılbaşı Ağacım is established to celebrate the New Year's Eve, one of the happiest moments of our lives, in the presence of a tree, to increase tree consciousness and culture.

Our everyday life is drifting away from nature and we are surrounded by artificial products even in our special moments. Live Christmas trees will continue to grow on your balcony or in your garden. This will contribute to planting the cycle.

Our intentional ideas of raising awareness of green and naturalizing our lives have a production history as well. Bahçem Fidancılık, our solution partner, continues to produce on 300 acres of land with 20 years production experience.

Immediately after your order, the most suitable Christmas tree is picked, and it is disassembled and packed together with the soil. Properly packaged and shipped the next day.

Our trees are definitely not cut. If you plant in soil or continue to grow in its pot in appropriate conditions you will have a tree that grows with you throughout your life.

Yılbaşı Ağacım team wishes you a great year surrounded by nature.